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D(rug) D(ealer) M(usic)

The Culture

Prayers for Buffalo

Being black in America is a motherfucker y’all.

Fuck around and find out

Dave Chappelle Will Fuck You Up & Have you Fucked up

The fuck around - an emboldened nigga tackles Dave Chappelle on stage during a show in Hollywood.

The find out - Dave Chappelle and security handle the situation .

This nigga got dislocated shoulders

Play by play from esquire reporter

Don’t fuck with Drake if you’re broke

Slam Studios posted on iG some bullshit calling Ja Morant’s dad annoying, when he really just be out here being fun.

Drake replies to the post talking about how this what fathers should be doing once your kid gets to that level

Someone replies, your son probably plays with ghost writers.

Then drake followed that man’s wife and slid in her DM’s.

Prison Roll Call

Rod Wave arrested in his hometown St. Petersberg Florida. The arrest seems janky because it was an out of county warrant , domestic violence, strangulation. The thing i like about the billboard article is that they specifically go out the way to highlight the things he’s done for his community, the gas supported, instead of trying to throw mud on that man.

Free Thugger and gunna.

The attorney handling the case said that social media was a big player in building their case.

Rap lyrics are being used against them



What is your favorite type of rap? Conscious rap, lyrical rap, booty poppin rap, alternative rap?

Drug Dealer Music

Tana Talk 4 - Benny The Butcher


Tana talk 3 came out in 2018

In between tana talk 3 & 4 - EPS: Pyrex Picasso, The Plugs I met 1 & 2 , Album: Burden of Proof

Basic stats:

12 tracks, 7 feature tracks, 5 solo tracks,

The Single - Johnny P’s Caddy ft Cole

The features: Conway, Westside Gun, Boldy James, 38 Spesh, Stove God Cooks, J Cole, Diddy

The producers: Daringer, Alchemist, Beat Butcha

It's Almost Dry - Pusha T

Context: Daytona was his previous album, released 4 years ago. Album laced with Drake disses

Basic stats:

12 tracks, 5 feature tracks, 7 solo tracks

The Single(s): Diet Coke, Hear Me Clearly, Neck and Wrist

The features: Kanye, Don Toliver, Jay-Z, Labyrinth, No Malice, Lil Uzi Vert, Kid Cudi,

The producers: Kanye West, Pharrell Williams

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