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Fantastical Bigot


e're back!

We've got a brand new episode of BadKidzPod for you, and we know you're going to love it. We've got topics ranging from barbershops, Hogwarts Legacy, DC films, TLoU & more. We also have some great questions from our listeners--what was your stance on Hogwarts Legacy? Who should we root for in the NBA ? And what was your most memorable barbershop experience?

If you haven't subscribed yet--and if you don't have time to listen now--we would encourage you to do so wherever you find your podcasts. Go to the website Badkidz Pod or search "BadKidzPod" on iTunes or Google Play Music!

Episode Notes


Top 3 most influential pieces of media growing up


It’s okay to be a nets fan again. Why don’t the homies watch basketball?



More like eh squared AMIRITE!? No Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo this year.

Your Bigot Wizard Harry

Whats it been like playing harry potter? How do you feel about all the things that have come with that game?

Nintendo Direct announcement: Gameboy, Gameboy Color, and Gameboy Advanced games now included in Nintendo online (expansion pack w/ N64 titles)


DC stands for Don’t Continue

James Gunn introduces things, The new slate. *sick emoji*

Ezra Miller flash is still happening….still happening.


The Last Of Us TV show… How much have we seen? Are we enjoying it?

Cruz started My Hero Academia and is fully invested.

The Culture

Pokemon -

Ash ketchum/ pokemon go travesty


The Process, Trust it.

New Nickbeam - What was the process like making this one? What has been the greatest change to your process?

Daniel Ceasar

3 new tracks by Jeffanity's fav, Daniel Ceasar.

The Grammys

They happened….some people won?

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