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Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Ayo! What’s going on, family? Jeffanity, the host doin’ the most with your favorite rapper, your favorite streamer, your favorite everything in betweener Nickbeam, & back again . This week on the pod the Badkidz sound off relationships, tech updates and the world of Nintendo & much more . Check out our website for additional content like episode notes with reference links to stories and other Badkid/V-Let content. Be sure to like and subscribe where ever you find the pod. Which is available on: Spotify, Apple podcast, Google Podcast and everywhere else you get your podcast.

Shout out One of Jeffanity’s favorite chef’s, culinary content creators and the inspiration behind the superbowl sliders: Mr. MakeitHappen, Link tree available here.

Gaming coming to your TV Screen Article referenced during discussion about game adaptations coming to TV.

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