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Se. 1 Ep. 13 – The Boys

Yoooo! People of the internet nation, the intanation, welcome to episode 13 of The BadKidzPod! Jeffanity, NickBeam & Cruz are back bringing you that hot shit. The raid of area 51 are fastly approaching and Beam said he wants to be on site. We have a very interesting question of the week for y’all listening pleasure this year. Mia Khalifa only made 12 racks doing porn, Beam stands with her and is gonna lose his gut and do some scenes. Amazon has a show called “The Boys”, everyone should watch this shit because it is fire. Jeffanity gives a rundown of the show. Spoiler heavy, but I mean it has been out for a minute so he does not feel bad. Highlight: the show is fuckin great. What might be great for Twitch is that Ninja has left them for Mixer exclusively. Everyone go back to Gamestop! The rebrand is here! Lets fucking go! We review Rick Ross’ Port of Miami 2. Follow us on Instagram, @badkidzpod ,for updates and additional content. Subscribe on soundcloud so you don’t miss the weekly drop, @badkidzpod & check out the episode notes at

Episode notes:

Zodiac Bullshit –

The Wu Assassin, Netflix, watch that shit. Peep the trailer:

Question of the Week: VR can now grab your memories and let other people experience it. What’s the memory you load for others? Jeffanity – Option 1: Any of the times I’ve blacked out. Option 2: J.I.D @ Toad’s. Option 3: The time I blacked out in NYC before visiting Texas. Beam – Pharos at Joshua Park or the first time I got high from smoking weed. Cruz – The time I got jumped. The Eminem/Rihanna the Monster Tour. RLCS

Mia Khalifa only made 12k suckin’ dick… –

THE BOYS !!! Undeniable hit


Ninja abandons Twitch for Mixer –


  2. Will be modifying stores in “select markets”, some stores may be retro focused, some may be esports focused, gamestop shares under $5 INVEST INVEST INVEST


Jeffanity’s Marvel Ultimate Alliance Team: Deadpool, Scarlet Witch, Venom, Wolverine Beam’s Marvel Ultimate Alliance Team: Spiderman, Gamorah, Wolverine, Crystal

Drake’s Care Package – Went #1. 109,000 units equivalent . 16,000 pure sales …off of songs released 5 years ago.

Rick Ross – Port of Miami 2 Jeffanity rates it at a 6. Beam rates it at a 5-6.

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