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Se. 2 Ep. 1 – Single Set of Buns

Ayo!!! Welcome back to the Badkidzpod. After a little break we are back with season 2 of top tier content for ya head tops. We have a new feature on the cast, friend of the show Ant aka Single Set of Buns finally got a laptop and now the Lil Wayne talk on this cast will finally reach the heights it deserves. In this week’s episode the BadKidz get into: Kanye talk, voter suppression via us mail, prison roll call and much more. Follow us on Instagram, @badkidzpod ,for updates and additional content. Subscribe on soundcloud so you don’t miss the weekly drop, @badkidzpod & check out the episode notes at

Episode Notes

  1. Kanye West was booted from ballots in Ohio, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Montana in the latest blow to his presidential bid

  2. Postal Service warns 46 states their voters could be disenfranchised by delayed mail-in ballots

  3. Also removing whole ass mailboxes from neighborhoods, shutting down auto sorting mail machines, backed by false claims about mail-in voter fraud

  4. Alabama becomes seventh state to approve castration for some sex offenses

  5. Someone beats up R Kelly in prison

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