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Se. 2 Ep. 2 – Saucy Nugs (Wet Tenders)

Ayo!!! Welcome back to the Badkidzpod. After serious consideration we want to join this Nebraska man’s campaign against boneless wings (peep the link below). SZA is also back, so everyone check your fuckin’ vibes because it is time to chill. The BadKidz get into a bunch more like: eating the rich, game life spans, how much EA is trash and much more. Peep the link above for the episode and below for our receipts.Welcome back to the BadKidz Podcast brought to you as always by Jeffanity, NickBeam & Cruz, season 2 featuring AMB. This week is an emotion fueled joyride. This week some of the things we get into are: Pop Star by Drake and Khaled, NY rap, Lil Wayne and more. Follow us on Instagram, @badkidzpod ,for updates and additional content. Subscribe on soundcloud so you don’t miss the weekly drop, @badkidzpod & check out the episode notes at

Episode notes:

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