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Se. 2 Ep. 8 – Anti-Incest

Ay, Ay, Ayo!!! The Badkidz welcome you back to another beautiful week of life and living. This week Cruz is fresh off a PSN hack and gives us the deets as to how he beat the dastardly hacker. Jeffanity argues that Chance the Rapper belongs in Spillage Village. We have more aviation news and other shit like: the moon getting 5g, 50 cent, game stop updates and more. Follow us on Instagram, @badkidzpod ,for updates and additional content. Subscribe on soundcloud so you don’t miss the weekly drop, @badkidzpod & check out the episode notes at

Episode Notes

50 Cent chooses money over people.

Latest aviation hotness…woman dies in flight.

The moon is getting 4g and white people are getting the fuck up out of here, you heard it here first.

Playstation 5 UI video

EA and the lootbox bastards on tour in your current gaming store.

Sony + Travis Scott = ?? We will soon find out

Brady and AB are back ?

So many Spidermansz

Badkidz Certified

Spillage Village & Chance The Rapper needs to happen more often, like maybe full time.

Friend of the show, Joyner Lucas.

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