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Se1. Ep. 2 – $500 Nosebleeds

Welcome to the BadKidz podcast, episode 2! The cast is brought to you 3 best friends and pseudo adults Jeffanity, xNickBeam & Cruz. Welcome good people of the interweb to our world of pop culture, rap/music talk, video games and whatever else comes up. This week Jeffanity is on spring break and life is real good for him. More importantly, he survived a bachelor party in Vermont. The get to know you question is doubled up this week as the BadKidz to curate a music festival with 5 must have artist and pick a movie universe to live in. Peep their perspectives lists in the notes below. Also, this a very important moment to stop and reflect on the fact that in this moment you probably have more money than R Kelly. Jeffanity gets to tip his toe into his anime bag a little bit and sends a shout out to One Punch Man. In the games sphere there is more Pokemon talk. NickBeam convinces the gang to get back into Pokemon Go and explains some cool tie ins with Pokemon Lets Go. Follow us on Instagram, @badkidzpod ,for updates and additional content. Subscribe on soundcloud so you don’t miss the weekly drop, @badkidzpod & check out the episode notes at

Episode Notes:

Get to know you question and answers

Question 1 – Which movie universe would you live in? If you could live in any movie universe which would it be: Nick Beam – Pixar/Toy Story Cruz – Into the Spiderverse/Star Wars Jeffanity – Pokemon/Naruto (RIP Neji)

Question 2- What 5 acts would you absolutely book if you were doing your own music festival? Cruz – Gambino, Eminem, Lil’ Waybe, Schoolboy Q, Kendrick Lamar Jeffanity – Tyler the Creator, Gambino, Isiah Rashad, Ari Lennox, Noname, Smino Beam – Gambino, Jhene Aiko, Playboi Carti, Kanye

Left Hand by Beast Coast – Listen to this shit man….

Saitama the One Punch Man !

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