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Season 3, Episode 2 – Words Are Hard

Yerrr, sorry for the delay, but we want to only bring you the best. Words are hard, life is sometimes harder, but this episode makes it all that much easier to bare. Nickbeam brings you the first official installment of the #airfryerchronicles so get your recipe book ready for manz enlightened lessons on all things that can be airfried. We send more love and hope for friend of the show Azalea Banks who is letting the clip go on everyone on IG. There is so much more this week from: T.I & Tiny, Cali niggas doin wild shit, January music drops and more.

Episode Notes

Austin, TX, land of the people.

  1. A website belonging to the Patriotic Brigade Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, an organization affiliated with the white supremacist Ku Klux Klan (KKK), was hacked by an anti-fascist Israeli organization, exposing pictures, names and personal information of many of the organizations members.

Covid update – see you in 2022 dickbags.

The rodeo in texas ….CANCELLED.


In the ultimate “Weird flex but okay” Nigga who is on trial for robbing kim K is set to release a book about it.

The Caucacity

  1. Why this is important, to my understanding if she is not on any committee her power is effectively stricken or incredibly limited

  2. WHo is marjorie taylor greene?

  3. Newly elected, 2020, republican freshmen from GA.

Music News


Aka raven from teen titans

Check on your strong friend Azalea Banks is Back

Sabrina Peterson vs T.I & Tiny, the toxic duo.

Niggas nigga

Music General:

January Drops: What did you like, what did you miss and are going to go back ti

– Griselda, BSF – album for movie conflicted

– Nyck Caution – Anywhere but here

-Cj fly the way i hear it

-Jazmine Sullivan – Heaux tales

– Arlo Park- Collapsed in sunbeams

-Erick the architect – Future proof

-Kota the friend, lyrics to go 2

Madlib – sound ancestors

Lil durk The voice

The Alchemist, carry the fire

Video Games:

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