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Season 3, Episode 3 – Pokémalone

Ayo! Waddup and welcome. Sorry about the delay. Events outside our control has caused some production delays. Shout out to everyone in Texas who did what they needed to make it through that cold snap, power outage. Prays for those who did not make it through. This week we have an update on our prison roll call, breakdown the upcoming Borderlands film and giving flowers to Conway the Machine who continues to feed the street. Other things we talk about are: Post Malone and Pokemon Collab, upcoming Donald Glover projects more! Follow us on Instagram, @badkidzpod ,for updates and additional content. Subscribe on Soundcloud/Apple Music/Spotify/Stitcher so you don’t miss the weekly drop. Follow @badkidzpod on IG & Twitter. Check out the episode notes at

Episode notes:

General News

Kicker question: To what extent should the culture accept, allow and encourage gatekeeping? Who gets to decide?

Retail Investors Vs Hedge Funds

Prison Role Call

Ahead of crime

Music Release/Review

Conway the Machin

  1. If it bleeds it can be killed prod by big ghost.

  2. Listener experience

  3. Consumer experience? Limited release, have to buy or stream from bandcamp, thought/opinoins on the approach

Artist News

Post Malone

  1. Whose brand should stay far away from this strategy?


Donald Glover

Rap groups

  1. What is your favorite rap group?

  2. Who is the hardest/more influential group we have had the privilege to live thru

Gaming NEws

CD Project Fail

  1. Dark web monitoring organisation KELA (which previously provided The Verge with what it believes to be legitimate file lists from CD Projekt’s Red Engine) reports that an auction set up to sell the files has now been closed after a “satisfying offer” was made from outside of the forum it was being held on. That offer reportedly stipulates that the code will not be distributed or sold further. Cybersecurity account vx-underground also reported that it had heard the sale was completed.

  2. In a report aided by KELA yesterday, The Verge explained that the auction required a deposit to enter (intended to show potential buyers that this wasn’t a scam auction), with bids starting at $1,000,000, moving up in $500,000 increments. Vx-underground also reported that source code (or at least fragments of source code) for Gwent had been released, which could have been another showing of proof that the files were in hand before the auction.


Borderlands film

What we know:

  1. Jack black is clap trap

  2. Director is Eli Roth

  3. Writer Craig Mazin, chernoybyl, identity theft, hang over 2 & 3 , Scary movie 3 & 4

  4. Lilith – Cate Blanchett

  5. Jamie Liee Curtis – Tannis (only casting I like)

  6. Kevin hart – Roland

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