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Season 3, Episode 5 – Fish Sticks & Steakums

Ayo! Waddup and welcome, family. Let me start by asking you a question, talkin’ to my fine diners out there, what is your favorite iteration surf & turf? We at the Badkidzpod think there is nothing better than making fish sticks and steakums when you really want to treat yourself or your partner right. On top of talk about high quality cuisine we: learn about everyone’s worst hangover, circle back to PokeMalone and give a bunch of flowers to the women in the Rap, R&B game. Follow us on Instagram & Twitter @badkidzpod. Subscribe/Like/Comment on the pod that is available on Spotify/Apple Music/Google Podcast/Stitcher/Soundcloud so you don’t miss the weekly drop. & as always peep the episode notes below, available only on



Recent accomplishments: Ramen

Future recipe plans: Surf & turf next but i don’t know how im going to manage that

Local eatery shout outs ?


If you could put the other members of the pod into a tv universe where are going?

How has NickBeam’s digestion of black content been?

  1. What have you watched?

  2. Favorite thing you watched?

  3. Themes your noticing?

  4. Impact its having on you

Story about your worst hangover

What is some advice you would give to 21 year old you?

What combo would you want production/feature from Anderson .Paak, Cole or other?

How do you feel about the school board teacher shit?

After board president Lisa Brizendine said parents outraged about Covid restrictions just wanted the school to act as “babysitters”, another member, Richie Masadas, joked that some parents wanted to take drugs while their children were not at home.

“My brother had a delivery service for medical marijuana – his clientele were parents with their kids in school,” he said, to laughter from the others.



Pokemon Legends Arceus – thoughts/feelings/reactions?

Post Malone Collab comes with him covering a hootie and the blowfish song? I think i hate this collab after watching the trailer.

Artist Newspp

  1. Follow up question, what has been your favorite collaboration between artist and major brand?

The Culture

Malik Beasly

Malik Beasly also lookin up wih Larsa pippen who is 22 years older than him even though i think he is still legally married. This is the shit i like. Free the homei

The Caucacity


Female MC’s

Who is even on your radar in this realm of hip-hop?

Noname new track rainforest

Superlatives & Flowers:

  1. Most fun to listen to?

  2. Most consistent

  3. Most improved

  4. Queen of the game

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