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Season 3, Episode 7 – No Stink About Your Kink

Ayo, ayo! The Badkidz are back from a brief & restful sabbatical. Happy to be back with you and fully on our bullshit. Quick note before we get into the episode preview, and the notes below. We are switching to bi-weekly casts starting with episode 8. We want to bring the quality of the pod and our individual lives to a higher level.

ANYWAY! This week it is story time with Jeffanity as we all learn about inappropriate bathroom behavior. Paul Pierce goes from employee of the month of the Boston Celtics to fired on his day off from ESPN, and we get takes on that. I am selling this post as a NFT as well, shout out to the block chain.

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Where the fuck have we been? Anything cool happen while we were gone?

“Barking and Howling in the bathroom” Story time with Jeffanity, shout out kirby on washing?

RIP : DMX & Shock G.

NY has legal weed


Bar Review – Red River Ice House & Pour Behavior

The Art of freezer food


  1. would you rather be less inconvenienced for a longer period of time or more inconvenienced for a shorter period of time?


The Console Wars

Playstaion 5 sets a marker.

Reported by Ign: As revealed by The NPD Group’s Mat Piscatella, this news arrives one month after the PS5 became the fastest-selling console in U.S. history in dollar sales.

Despite that new record, the Nintendo Switch has continued its reign as the best selling hardware platform in both units and dollars during March 2021. However, the PS5 did rank first in hardware dollar sales in Q1 2021.

Does this matter with console scarcity?

Big Money Microsoft

Microsoft in talks to purchase Discord, if they do not go public instead in which case take my money.. Thoughts, feelings, reactions?

As of last week, talks have fallen through and Discord will continue to be its own entity. Thoughts, feelings reactions?

Sony Rewarding Efforts

Sony offers 9 free games (ps+ NOT required) this spring. Calling it “Play at Home 2021”. Available from March 25th – April 19th


Enter the Gungeon

The Witness

Rez Infinite


Astro Bot Rescue Mission (PSVR)

Moss (PSVR)

Thumper (PSVR)

Paper Beast (PSVR)

Also, between April 19th and May 15th, Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition will be free to download, no ps+ required.

What are you actively playing?

What games are playing and or making others play?

Is there a game you are waiting for ?


Johnson and Johnson

According to NPR Federal health officials have called for a “pause” in the use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine after reports that six women who got the vaccine developed blood clots afterward. Close to 7 million people have gotten this vaccine in the U.S. to date.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the blood clots are extremely rare but that it is reviewing the cases. The agency says it expects this pause to last for “a matter of days.”


Where the hoes at?!

According to NPR and other sources, the DA of Manhattan is on one:

Manhattan’s district attorney announced Wednesday that his office will no longer prosecute prostitution and unlicensed massage under a new policy that’s believed to be the first of its kind in New York.

Cyrus Vance Jr. also appeared virtually in Manhattan Criminal Court to request the dismissal of more than 900 such cases dating back to the 1970s, according to a press release. He moved to dismiss another 5,000 cases related to the state’s controversial anti-loitering statute, which New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo repealed in February.

…The district attorney’s office said it had identified 5,994 cases in its records — dating back to 1976 — that involved an open bench warrant as well as a top charge of either prostitution, unlicensed massage or “loitering for the purpose of prostitution,” all misdemeanors.

Of those, 878 are prostitution cases and 36 are related to unlicensed massage. The remaining 5,080 listed “loitering for the purpose of prostitution” as the top charge, and Vance asked the court to dismiss those as well. He said his office has not prosecuted that crime since 2016 and noted it was removed from the state’s penal code earlier this year.

The comosedicecruz naughtybois phone sex lounge and massage parlor coming soon NEVER

The Culture


NFT’ A non-fungible token (NFT) means a digital item that belongs to the person that purchased it. In economics, fungibility is the property of a good being interchangeable, or replicable. For example, if you shared a photo from your phone to another person over a text message, the data and image would be replicated.

The NFT does not stop that replication – you could still take a screenshot of a digital artwork, or share a Nyan Cat GIF – but it does show who ‘owns’ an original image – in the same way your passport image also contains your name, age, and an identification number. Simply owning an image of your passport does not make that person you, and the principle applies here for NFTs.

While NTFs exist on a blockchain, like the cryptocurrencies used to buy them, there are a number of other differences: NFTs are indestructible on the blockchain, cannot be divided, and can always be traced back to the original creator.

Thoughts, questions, reactions?


  1. Square will pay $297 million in stock and cash for the stake in Tidal. Jay-Z will join Square’s board.

  2. The announcement comes less than two weeks after Jay-Z announced that he would sell 50 percent of his champagne company, Armand de Brignac — better known as Ace of Spades — to LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton amid a downturn in the entertainment industry caused by the pandemic that has affected some of Jay-Z’s holdings.

Gettin’ Fired on your day off:

Paul pierce was let go by ESPN by going live on some wild boi shit. Skimp weed joints, confusing women shaking it all over the place, shit was a mess but I love it.


General QUestions

Who is doing the most interesting things with their music? Both content and also content and a bonus for fans?

Is ross making moves to drop? COME ON ROZAY

Has this been a slow year? Or are niggas really waiting for summer?

In Case You Missed It

Jhene Aiko’s debut EP – Sailing Souls is available for streaming

Releases so far:

UNLOCKED 1.5 – Denzel Curry & Kenny Beats

Scary Hours – Drake

The Plugs I met 2 – THoughts on how this album goes for Benny?

La Macqiuna – Conway The Machine

Roadrunner: New light, New Machine – Brockhampton

Slime Language 2 – Young Thug

Bushido – Mellow music group

Art Dealer Chic 4 – Miguel

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