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Season 3, Episode 8 – I Guess That’s a Rollout

Episode Notes (So I Guess That’s a Rollout)


Jeffanity’s compliant kitchen

Nickbeams computer build

Cruz’s ultimate dad move of the week

Friendship recap – JC’s visit


Fuck strawberries

Bar shout outs

Country is experiencing a chicken wing shortage. I feel this on a personal level cuz shit is wild expensive now



  1. Robinhood and doge. How many times can Robinhood run the play of shutting down popular trading before something happens?

  2. Do you see Robinhood making it to 2023?



  1. BRady gets his way, Antonio Brown on his way to the Buccs.

  2. The draft/off season moves that matter to you.

  3. NFL schedule is out: Ravens vs Raiders, Bucs vs Cowboys in week 1 match ups


The Rockets are awful – The blazers dropped 50 in the first quarter. Next season rockets tix better be dirt cheap.


Tomi Lauren got eggs thrown on her and called a Nazi Barbi. Lol

Some sort of “gas shortage” leads to people thinking its ok to pump gasoline into plastic 10 cent grocery bags

The Culture

Joe Budden pod. The rise and the fall.

Rory fired

Hov to be inducted to the rock and roll hall of Fame



The announcement,, the wait is over..leading into zay season

Zay’s video

Fader interview

thoughts/ feelings/ reactions.

Dreamville (clip of jeff saying he hates cole fans)

Cole announcement

Feature predictions vs reality

Cruz Feature Predictions:

  1. Any dreamville artist (particularly hoping for JID)

  2. Kendrick

  3. Smino

Khaled Khaled

  1. Put him back at No. 1 at billboard. (Less crowded release window)

  2. 2 singles at once, both drake solo tracks, popstar and greece

  3. General impression

  4. Biggest hit

  5. Biggest miss

  6. Why is there always a HOV feature?! HOW IS KHALED THIS POWERFUL!?

In Case You Missed It

  1. New home for Westside boogie, another artist to leave shady.

  2. New “captains” of the label seem to be boogie and 6lack, summer walker is on the label too, but this seems like a hip-hop thing and she also finna have a baby and thats more importan

  3. What do you make of the label strength ?

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