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Season 4, Episode 1 – Older & Wiser

Summer break has long since been over and the Badkidz are back takin’ you back to taking you to school! No, sorry, bad joke. I have been hangin’ out with ComesediceCruz too much, so sorry. Since we left you last each of the Badkidz have leveled up into the 30 club and so we talk about what we having planned for what is ahead. The music world is buzzing with new music and we begin to dig into what is still simmering from the summer. There is of course so much more with the culture and gaming to enjoy. Don’t forget to rate and review the episodes where ever you find us. Find us on Twitter & Instagram @badkidzpod. Keep it funky, keep it fresh I’m out. – Jeffanity

Gaming‌ ‌

New Hot Shit


They are launching the OG SEGA and nintendo shit.

But larger question ab Nintendo, their pricing strategy. Why do you think they are able to maintain it?

How do you feel about current pricing for games now that we are going up?

What new games are you playing right now? 

The‌ ‌Culture‌ ‌’

Fan Behavior:

Tyler Fans boo drake at camp flog gnaw because hes not frank ocean

Playboi Carti’s concert cancelled

Music‌ ‌

Westside Gunn

Hitler Wears Hermes 8: Sincerely Adolf

Side A vs Side B

Summer 2021 Superlatives

Winner of the summer

Most surprising release

Most disappointing

Overall impression

Biggest miss 

Let us know your responses to them in the comments. Or hit us up on Twitter @badkidzpod.

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