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Season 4, Episode 2 – We Beat Covid & 2021

Ayo! What’s going on, family? Jeffanity, the host doin’ the most with Nickbeam, & Comosedicecruz, last by contractual obligations are back again. This week on the pod the boys gives their final remarks and summaries on 2021, give notes about surviving a stint with Covid-19 . As always we there is lots more in between, so listen and laugh along. Check out our website for additional content like episode notes with reference links to stories and other V-Let content. Be sure to like and subscribe where ever you find the pod. Which is available on: Spotify, Apple podcast, Google Podcast, Stitcher & more.

Episode Notes


Jeffanity – YK Osiris needs an financial advisor and to go to the house.

  1. “God take me away please,” the first message reads along with a fingers crossed emoji. “I just want to sleep and don’t wake back up. I know y’all would love that.”

  2. He added, “Let’s see how everyone got something to laugh at then, it’s all fun and jokes until y’all don’t got [nothing] to joke about no more.”


Checking in

How are you teams doing?

Covid Impact

Late in the season, when shit is crazy and it matters Covid hits.

According to sporting news: for week 17

More than 100 players have already landed on the COVID/reserve list ahead of Week 17 games, and there were 96 positive tests alone on Monday, a new high for a single day.

At the start of Week 16, more than 200 players were on the COVID/reserve list. At the beginning of Week 17, various players are being activated, but dozens more are being put into the league’s protoc

Saints: 22 players, Texans: 22, Jaguars 17,jets 18, tampa bsy head coach,


New Sketchy Guidelines

  1. Rationale: “Given what we currently know about COVID-19 and the Omicron variant, CDC is shortening the recommended time for isolation from 10 days for people with COVID-19 to five days, if asymptomatic, followed by five days of wearing a mask when around others,” the CDC said in a statement.

  2. Real ratio: Delta ceo asks in a letter: “With the rapid spread of the Omicron variant, the 10-day isolation for those who are fully vaccinated may significantly impact our workforce and operations,” Bastian wrote. “Similar to healthcare, police, fire, and public transportation workforces, the Omicron surge may exacerbate shortages and create significant disruptions.”

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