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The Great Space Debate

Imagine the Earth is demise is imminent. Humanity's plan is to escape to space. Are you ridin' out to space or thuggin' it out on Earth?

  • To the moon !

  • Earth bound fa sho.

New Badkidzpod Episode Alert!

Yerrr! Join your favorite trio, Nick Beam, ComosediceCruz, and Jeffanity, as they dive into the wild world of being citizens of the internet on the latest episode of Badkidzpod!

Remember the good ol' days of the internet? They spill the beans on what they were like when they first stepped into the digital universe – go-to websites, cringe-worthy screen names, and all! Share your own internet origin stories in the comments below! Let's reminisce together!

Aviation enthusiasts, get ready for Jeffanity's epic rants about the latest aviation news! He's got opinions, and he's not afraid to share them.

Gamer at heart? The boys take on the live-service model in gaming and discuss where it could be headed. Are you Team "Let's Game Forever" or Team "Switch Things Up"? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Space, the final frontier! Nick, Cruz, and Jeffanity are having a heated debate about whether they'd boldly go where few have gone before. We need YOUR perspective! Would you take a ticket to the stars or stay grounded on Earth? Comment below and let the guys know what you'd choose!

Tune in NOW on your favorite podcast platform to catch all the laughs, nostalgia, and hot takes. Don't forget to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments. Let's make this episode the talk of the digital town!

Spread the word, Badkidzpod fans! #CitizensOfTheInternet #InternetNostalgia #GamingDebate #ToSpaceOrNotToSpace #BadkidzpodEpisode

Here some extra

The docket

Existential Crisis - Am I really really?

Keywords: ozone layer, alaska airlines, hot vs cold weather, live service, fortnite, nintendo, super mario, myspace, to catch a predator, digital footprint, screen names, internet, space, earth, naruto, anime,

Re-releasing and refining

Digital Existence

What does it mean for you to exist and have existed in the digital space?

From your first screen name up until your streaming identity/gaming identity. How are you managing it? How did you manage it? What was the worst of it? What did it teach you?

Existing in other ways

How do you check in with yourself? What happens when you don't like the answer?

How is it being a son? How did those expectations shape you?

Would you go to space? Like on some worst case scenario and you somehow qualify for the fkn ship, are you going to space?

Other shit on my mind

What is the hardest shit you do in your day to day according to you?


What are you/what her you been watching recently


Failure on launch. The story of the broken game and its recovery.

  • Diablo

  • Cyberpunk

  • Battlefield

  • Halo

  • Apex

  • Pokemon

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